The Gentle Giants

How Hertfordshire Pest Experts Can Help

Even if you take the most hygienic precautions to prevent pest infestation, vermin and insects can still find their way into your property. With the right equipment and knowledge, a qualified professional can quickly get rid of these unwanted guests, making your home and business safe for you to live in again.

Our network of Hertfordshire pest experts can provide you with fast and effective pest control solutions. From cockroaches and ants to rodents, bird extermination and bed bug removal, they can help with any problem you may be experiencing. Use our simple online form to request a free quote and get in touch with your local pest control specialist today!

The Hertfordshire pest experts will carry out a thorough inspection of your home or business for signs of any pest activity. This will allow them to assess the severity of the issue and decide on a suitable treatment. After a pest infestation is under control, the technician will offer you professional post-service advice on how to protect your property against future pest invasions.

Rats and mice can cause considerable damage to a home or business, especially when they have gained entry. With a range of entry points into properties including small cavities in walls, they can easily creep into your premises and start breeding. Your Hertfordshire pest expert will inspect your property to find the source of the problem and ensure that any entry points are blocked with expanding foam or wool wire.

There are over 2,000 moth species in the UK but four of them, the brown house moth, white shouldered clothes moth, common clothes moth and case bearing clothes moth are a particular problem indoors. They feed upon dry stored items, clothing and furnishing fabrics, often causing costly damage. These moths can be treated with heat, traps and monitoring.

Although most spiders are not harmful, they can still be a nuisance and require eradication with expert techniques such as dusting and fumigation. Your Hertfordshire pest expert will use these methods along with other trapping and baiting options to effectively eliminate spiders from your property.