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Buying Universal Gift Cards

Universal Gift Cards is a convenient way to pay for things at theme parks. To get the universal gift card balance usually you can just go online or call a toll free number. They can also be used in many stores as well and the benefits of them are endless. For the longest time I could not figure out why, but now I know. I will explain a little about this new type of credit card and how they can change your life.

universal gift card balance

Most universal cards charge a flat monthly rate, which usually has a minimum payment. This amount goes towards your balance. When you reach your minimum payment on time, you get charged an extra fee. On the other hand, some of these cards have no annual fees and automatically deduct money from your balance every month. These types of cards are usually issued at a participating theme park and carry special logo designs.

When purchasing universal gift cards online, remember that they expire at the end of the month and you have no option to extend their expiration date. If you want to add a year to the validity, you have to call or email the company. Also, make sure you add the expiration date to your receipt so you can easily monitor when your balance goes down. Some companies only allow three months grace period on balances so you should call or email them before this time.

Most of the time, the company does not automatically renew your existing balance on the expiration date. You will need to call them and speak to a customer service representative. You might also want to keep a copy of your account statements in case they run out of your personal information. Universal gift cards do not provide any credit line options, so transferring money to this type of card is not possible. There is a limitation of 0.00% for purchases and cash advances on these types of cards.

It’s best to avoid using universal gift cards online since you are not really sure what the expiration date is. Many companies have various rules about expiration dates and some even allow six months to elapse without any penalties. In most cases, this rule is ignored because they want to reward customers for their continued patronage. On the other hand, if you use credit to purchase merchandise, you are responsible to pay for the full amount of the merchandise within the promised time frame. If you do not pay, the merchant can issue you a chargeback.

Many websites sell both types of gift cards. Shop around and do your homework before making a purchase. Some websites offer free shipping and handling, although you will not get discounts on such items. You can also acquire more than one type of universal gift cards online. This way, you can use the same name but have a different expiration date. For example, if you have a friend who has a particular shop which sells only the specific type of gift card you are interested in, you could try a website that offers both types.