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Experimental Marketing Strategies For Floor Decals

There are several reasons why companies use floor decals for advertising. One of the most obvious is to make the business or logo stand out. This way they are attracting more customers and adding to the brand equity. They can also be used to convey certain messages that are intended to influence buying behaviour.

floor decals for advertising

A good example of the latter would be a hotel using floor graphics to indicate the different rooms on a map. If customers are shown something particular interesting, they are more likely to make a trip of it, maybe even paying a few extra dollars. This is another reason why it’s so useful for small businesses to use floor decals for advertising campaign.

If you live in Tampa Bay then you have no doubt seen some of the great examples of these types of decals on cars already. The one that has been most prominent and probably the most recognizable is of course the one of Tampa Bay Rays baseball player Evan Longoria. His image is emblazoned all over the place from shirt sleeves to eyewear. He also has a huge mural of him in the bathroom in the restrooms of the baseball stadium.

Cars also benefited from floor decals for advertising, because they were easily visible. Prior, to the advent of the internet this was not an issue. It was important therefore for car owners to have as many decals on their vehicle as possible. This made them look more professional, more distinct and gave potential customers something to identify with. This was especially true of Tampa Bay area drivers that living in less affluent areas.

In addition to getting people to notice you, these types of custom floor graphics are great at getting people to notice your other promotions as well. For example if you run a car wash you will find that floor decals for advertising can be used to help attract customers to the location. If you are running car washes as a business you will find that they can use them to show the different models of vehicles that they offer. You can even get people to take home a few car wash or wash car decals for posterity sake. It’s all about visibility and getting the word out about your business or organization.

One of the places that we see quite a bit of social media usage is in the area of waiting areas. It is not uncommon for waiting areas to have custom floor decals or even billboards as a way to draw traffic into the area. In fact, the Tampa Bay area has quite a few businesses that either use these types of techniques to draw traffic into their businesses or they are using them for their own social media purposes.

Just because you are using them for social media doesn’t mean that you need to leave the traditional place where you want to advertise. There is still a place for traditional marketing campaigns such as print media or television. If you want to advertise in print media you can do so and the television stations will often let you air your ad if you pay a small fee. It all depends on what your local market or demographic is looking for. If you have a business that caters to mostly teenagers then you will want to keep your advertising on television, but if you have a business that is somewhat older and draws mostly older consumers then you may want to look into going with custom floor decals marketing campaigns.

It’s important to experiment with the various techniques you can employ when it comes to effective advertising. There are lots of ways to promote a business. One of the best ways is to actually do something that will get your business noticed by your prospective consumers. If you do a little bit of brainstorming and then test some of the different options you may find that you will be surprised at just how effective you can be using experimental marketing strategies like floor decals for advertising on your business card.