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Finding the Right Whipped Cream Dispensers

mr cream chargers

About Us. Mr Cream Chargers is leading cream chargers & dispensers delivery service in Melbourne, Vic., Australia. Mr Cream Chargers supplies all the leading cream chargers brands like Supreme Whip, Whip-It, BestWhip & SSES. This company was established in 2021 by Mr Micheal Curtice, who has been a professional dispenser and creamer since the early eighties.

A great many dispensing equipment suppliers produce cream chargers and are capable of providing products to meet all dispensing requirements. Some companies manufacture their own products, while some rely on external manufacturers, both of which are capable of providing quality products. A large number of companies manufacture their own cream chargers and flavours infuse alcohol products, but many also rely on external suppliers. Some large scale companies who manufacture cream chargers and flavour infusions use their own quality control standards and manufacturing specifications.

In most cases (based upon experience), there will be a range of different types of cream chargers and flavour infusions that are available. These will include strong (or ‘premium’) flavoured products such as Hazelnut, Macadamia, Irish cream and Chai Tea. Other less common (and some of the most expensive) brands include French vanilla, German Chocolate and Amaretto. Some companies are producing a ‘luxury’ range of cream chargers and other flavour infusions. These tend to be very high end and are only suitable for the most experienced dispenser user.

It’s clear from looking at the range of MR Cream chargers we have found that they are not all produced in the same way. Some are designed to infuse faster whilst others need you to slow down the process. You will often find that the cheaper products will work quicker, while the more expensive products will keep whipping cream making it last for longer. Whichever you choose, it’s important to understand how they work, and how long the product lasts.

The cheapest MR cream chargers will often work by using hot tap water that is warmed slightly. As water is heated, it expands to about eight times its initial volume, which causes it to expand to a more solid and reliable shape. This means that it can hold a larger amount of liquid at once, allowing you to pour more into your mugs or bowls, or take with you wherever you go. Hot water infused with your favourite flavour can remain solid for much longer, meaning you will not lose your supply of flavour quickly. These are the cheapest quality MR cream chargers and flavour infusions and will generally do the job efficiently for several hours.

For the most thorough and continuous infusing, you should look towards electric or manual MR cream chargers, which can be set to their own personal time and day. You can then leave them to infuse for as long as you like and recharge them when they are empty to ensure that your daily quota of flavour stays fresh for as long as possible. As with all electric products, these chargers can run for hours and days, so you will need to check your batteries regularly.