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Top Weekender Bags

Choose the right weekender bag for you. Consumer’s Choice: The best rated weekender bags poll was completed by 20 participants. Please assist to improve this article! First, you have to know that there are many different styles, brands, and types of handbags on the market today. I will give you some important tips in choosing the best one for you.

In this piece I will discuss some basic choices you have to make when choosing your leather satchel or briefcase. The first choice is if you will use a top or flap over bag. Many people like to have both a bag that can go with their career type of clothing and one that is more casual so they can use it with their daily type of clothing. For example, many women like to wear a bag with a tennis bracelet while others like to wear one with a casual t-shirt.

Another basic decision you have to make when choosing a leather satchel or briefcase is if you want the bag to have a zipper or not. Zippers are usually thought to be more formal than other types of zippers. You should consider the durability of the zipper and the space you will need to store all of your school supplies. If you need the bag to serve as a work horse then you will need to consider all of your options before making a final decision.

In looking at top grain leather satchels, the choice usually depends on how you plan to use the bag. There are three types of grains that can be found on top grain leather; full grain, top grain with split grain, and top grain with not much split grain. The price will be increased for these types of bags.

Leather was always thought to be very tough but recently cowhide has been used in making polo shirts and blazers. A variety of materials including goat, cowhide, rabbit, horse, and even snake, has been used to make beautiful cowhide satchels. These types of bags will last for years with proper care. Many students prefer to have a leather school bag to carry their books and homework papers, but you may want to look at the styles and prices of messenger bags or laptop bags with the same style and material.

Leather handbags and shoulder straps will add an extra flair to any outfit and make you look like a superstar! Many celebrities carry satchels including Jennifer Aniston, Paris Hilton, Mariah Carey, Mickey Rourke, Snoop Dogg, Usher, and Paris Hilton. If you are looking for that perfect little black dress, sports coat, or casual dress, then look no further than a nice handbag or satchel.